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Nestled among two of the biggest and populated countries in the World India and China, this small yet beautiful country of Bhutan is one of the least explored destinations in the World. Magical mountains, mystical monasteries, ginormous fortresses, fresh unpolluted air, welcoming people, what more can you ask for a splendid holiday? Experience its rustic landscapes, vibrant culture, delicious food and thanks to the mighty Himalayas which add more reasons to head to this wonderland. Be it a spiritual sojourn, an adventure packed holiday, a relaxing tour with your family or friends, the last living Himalayan Kingdom for sure has a distinct charm which is better experienced than said.

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Our Bhutan travel experts have travelled extensively in Bhutan and handpicked the best Bhutan tourist places for you for a perfect Bhutan Holiday. The Taktsang Monastery, the Rinpung Dzong, the Chele La Pass, the Haa Valley are few names among the best places to visit in Bhutan.