Traveling India in The Best Touring Ideas

At Indian Panorama our team of dedicated travel professionals specialises in creating unique tailor-made itineraries for each of our clients. To get you started, here are few sample itineraries based on the most popular routes and destinations in India. We offer a seamless service across India and you are assured of our best possible service at all times. For more information at any time please send us an email. Or you may wish to fill in the form on our Enquiry Page.

Kerala- Tour Itineraries

Kerala, nestled in the lush, tropical southwest of India, is one of the country’s most globally renowned tourist destinations. And from the historic Fort Cochin to the azure waters of the Arabian Sea, and from the glistening Alleppey backwaters to the lush forests of the Western Ghats mountains, it’s not hard to see why. All that, without mentioning expansive tea estates, spice gardens, plantation homestays, plunging waterfalls, exotic wildlife and a wide array of accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets. Kerala can be a standalone trip, or combine time here with a visit to neighbouring Tamil Nadu or Karnataka. Kerala is styled as God’s Own Country- come and see why for yourself!

Tamilnadu- Tour Itineraries

A blessed land full of interesting people, intricate carvings with the touch of Chola and Pallavas, 24/7 functioning cities, temples carved out of boulders, engineering marvels, interconnected culture, well-connected roads, and vibrant streets. A cocktail destination!

Karnataka - Tour Itineraries

Karnataka is a large state in South India with everything from wildlife to beaches, ancient temples to modern cities, scenic mountains to lush plantations and a lot more besides.
Distances in Karnataka can be significant, so, like all of India, it pays not to try and pack in too much, but with time and a well-designed plan, a visit to Karnataka can provide a breath-taking experience of this part of the country.
Some highlights include historic Mysore- probably the most interesting mid-size city in the south, Hampi- a vast archaeological treasure-trove which has to be seen to be properly comprehended, Coorg, a scenic wonderland of high peaks, great places for hiking and expansive coffee plantations, and some lovely beaches, lapped by the Arabian Sea.

South India - Tour Itineraries

South India is usually used to describe the 3 southern-most states- Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka but also includes Andhra Pradesh, Goa and Mumbai/Maharashtra. But the three southern states are the focus for most people, and time spent in this part of India can be incredibly varied and rewarding. We know and love this part of India like no other company, and would be honoured to share this passion with you. Whether you’re after a chill-out and relax beach and backwater holiday in Kerala, a spiritual whirl through the temples and pilgrimage sites of Tamil Nadu, a wander through the ancient archaeological sites of Karnataka, or time to go looking for India’s most iconic wildlife in any of these states, we can make this truly the trip of a lifetime. Combining time in all three states, if you have the time, is definitely recommended. We look forward to welcoming you to our own backyard in South India!

Suggested North India - Tour Itineraries

North India has so much diversity, and such an array of destinations it can be difficult to know where to start. A huge majority of people visit the north the first time they come to India- many of the country’s most famous monuments and sights are here. But you could come back to the north of India time and time again and still experience something new. From the age-old temples and mosques, to the forts and palaces of the great kingdoms, wildlife sanctuaries, great cities and so much more, we can show you so much of North India on a tour of almost any length and to suit your budget and interests. Take a look at the itineraries below, or get in touch to have us custom-build an itinerary for your North India trip.

Central India - Tour Itineraries

The central regions of India take time to properly explore and experience. Few people make it deep into the heart of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and the surrounding area, and overall this is probably not the best part of the country for first-time visitors. That said, Khajuraho, famed for the erotic carvings which adorn its temples, is a magnet for visitors, and the ‘tiger parks’ of Madhya Pradesh, despite, or perhaps because of, the effort it takes to reach them, offer the best possible chance to see these majestic felines in their last strongholds.

North & South India - Tour Itineraries

We recommend that our clients never try to see too much in too short a timeframe- to do any sort of justice to a combination of North and South India you really need a minimum of 3 weeks. Typically this would consist of 2 weeks in Delhi/Agra and Rajasthan (plus maybe Varanasi too) followed by a final week or so in Kerala as a total contrast. But there are many other ways we can structure a north-south combo trip depending on the time of year and your interests.

Air connectivity in India is improving all the time, meaning it’s now possible to contact an ever-increasing number of cities by direct flight which, not so long ago, might have taken a whole day. But that shouldn’t, we believe, entice you to spend all your time flying- India from ground level is infinitely more enjoyable than from 8000 metres in the air!

Here are a few tours which combine elements of both North and South India, but you can write to us for a customised itinerary at any time.

East India - in Tour Itineraries

The jewel of eastern India, and in our view the greatest and most appealing of all of India’s mega-cities is Kolkata.

With only a fraction of the traffic chaos of Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai or Mumbai, more cultural life than any of them, fascinating sights and cleaner air, there is much to love about this much-maligned city. Not only does it offer history, fabulous manmade structures (the Victoria Memorial, or ‘Taj of the Raj’, defies proper description) and expansive public gardens, but there is almost no tourist-hassle- the people are very friendly but much too laid back to want to try and sell you anything!

North East - -Tour Itineraries

One of the most ecologically strong and fertile zones of India. The seven sisterly states of North India is famous for their lifestyle, natural splendours like Loktak Lake, Cherrapunji (The Wettest Part on Earth), megalithic carvings of Unakoti at Tripura, brave warriors, and endangered animals. From astonishing sunsets, tea plantations, and wildlife to out of the world honeymoon spots, North East India is an absolute abode of gods and goddesses

West - in Tour Itineraries

The western part of India has the most fascinating destinations popular among the global travelers. The beaches of Maharashtra and Goa, sanctuaries of Gujarat have been the all time favorites for the tourists across the globe. A trip to India will definitely confirm your visit again and again.

Nepal - Tour Itineraries

Wash off your miseries and collect beautiful memories in the dells, dales, holy rocks, and rugged paths participating in one of the highly sought trekking destinations.

Take on a memorable bike tour traversing the Chitwan National Park, the sacred Lumbini, scenic Pokhara, and the hamlet of Gorkha. Cover UNESCO sites like Patan Durbar Square, the famous Annapurna Mountain Range, and hike near Begnas Lake before exploring the wild routes of Chitwan National Park. If you have two weeks, you can get even to "Kora La", the Nepal-Tibet border. Explore Nepal in numerous ways with different tour itineraries.

Srilanka - Tour Itineraries

Travel to the friendliest broad smiles producing nation of the world. Sri Lanka has the best tea, unexplored silent beach destinations, Buddhist monuments, world-never-ever-seen fauna and fowls, jungle resorts inside dense settings, and idyllic instagrammable landscapes. These tour itineraries are carefully curated after several weeks of exploring Nepal in trains, bicycles, tuk-tuk, and on foot. We have made it simple for you to work on your travel ideas before arriving. Not finding something on this itinerary, we could customize your trip to the world’s end, the resplendent nation - Sri Lanka.